Forticon is a brand new concept and start-up in an over-crowded paving and construction marketplace. How is this business going to set themselves apart to create the opportunity they need to succeed?



Position Forticon as premium brand that is backed by a experienced leader that understands the concept of quality, craftsmanship and customer service . Unlike others in their competitive sphere Forticon’s differentiator is that their business principals focus on building strong customer relationships, providing unmatched professional service and delivering crafted paving construction and engineering solutions to the greater San Francisco bay area.


A Bold New Direction in Paving.
Forticon believes in building strong customer relationships — Professionalism and accountability are cornerstones of Forticon’s business principals. As a bold leader in innovative paving techniques and practices, Forticon brings a level of craftsmanship to their work that has yet to be rivaled by anyone in their business. This brand identity concept and system focuses on the unique boldness of Forticon’s business approach. Black and white photography with strong directional composition provides impact and drama while the addition of color photography is used for storytelling purposes. Full-color images highlight human relationships and “environmental” images are cropped and focused to show beauty in the uncommon subject matter of paving and construction. This concept isbold and rich with storytelling that elevates Forticon’s focus on relationships, professionalism, craftsmanship and quality and positions the company as a leader and innovator in their market space.